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Welcome to Mark Furneaux's wiki!

This wiki is a bunch of random information, howtos, configurations, documentation and other stuff I found useful to write down.
Some pages containing sensitive information are restricted to registered users only.

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Hardware and Network

Configuration Information

  • ZFS: Setup of the ZFS filesystem on an Ubuntu Linux server.
  • Ubuntu ZFS Root: Installation of Ubuntu 16.04 with a ZFS root filesystem.
  • NFS: Setup and configuration of the Network Filesystem.
  • IPoIB: Setup of an IP network over InfiniBand.
  • NFS over InfiniBand: Configuration of NFS to use RDMA over InfiniBand.
  • OpenSM: The InfiniBand subnet manager from OFED.
  • Samba: Setup of the open source SMB/CIFS server.
  • Monitorix: Setup of the web-based server monitoring daemon.
  • libpam-modules: Setup of the SSH MOTD.
  • ifenslave: Linux NIC bonding.
  • Drive Migration: Moving an OS installation from drive to drive.
  • Motion: Setup of a webcam security camera daemon.
  • Clementine: A cross-platform music player.
  • VirtualBox: A cross-platform virtual machine platform.
  • Roundcube: An open source webmail platform.
  • pfSense: An open source networking platform.
  • Xscreensaver: An OpenGL screensaver for
  • Overdriving CRT Monitors: How to get the highest possible resolution out of a CRT monitor.
  • apt-mirror: Setup of an apt package mirror.
  • aptly: Setup of an apt repository manager.
  • vnstat: Setup of the bandwidth monitoring daemon.
  • MariaDB: Installation of the open source database.
  • getmail: Configuration of a small mail backup utility.
  • bpm-tools: A tool for analysing the BPM of songs.
  • ntpd: The Network Time Protocol daemon.
  • shnsplit: Split audio files from a cuesheet.
  • bashrc: Configuration of the bash shell.
  • GitLab: A git platform.
  • stunnel: A TLS tunnel proxy.
  • NUT: Network UPS Tools.



  • Signatures: A list of signatures from public figures that I have collected.
  • Models: A list of model numbers I can't remember.




Currently this wiki has 143 pages.