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OpenSM is an Infiniband subnet manager (SM) provided by the Open Fabric Alliance and is part of OFED. All IB subnets require a SM to initialize the devices and keep track of network reconfigurations.


OpenSM can be installed from the Ubuntu repository with:
# apt-get install opensm


To generate a configuration file for OpenSM, run:
# opensm --create-config /etc/opensm/opensm.conf
OpenSM will exit immediately after creating the file.

In a network without changing devices, you can disable network scanning. Set this in opensm.conf:

# The number of seconds between subnet sweeps (0 disables it)
sweep_interval 0

OpenSM by default will startup with the system automatically. To change this, edit /etc/default/opensm.


Due to a bug in OpenSM, it will complain about the file /etc/opensm/partitions.conf being missing. To alleviate this, create the file with the following contents:


Default - the name of the partition (in this case the default)
0x7fff - the reserved partition ID for the default partition
ipoib - creates an IPoIB multicast group on the partition
rate=6 - sets the partition to run at 20Gbps (4x DDR)
ALL=full - allows all devices in the partition full access to all other devices

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