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The CB-PC1 is a prototype self-contained computer protection device. It protects the components of a desktop PC from a failure of the power supply which would normally result in an overvoltage or surge condition. It connects to the power supply using a standard Molex power connector.


Version 0.1 can withstand 80A pulse current with a short sustained current of 25A at up to 600V and responds in less than 0.1 seconds. The next proposed design will be able to handle 80A pulse and 25A sustained current at 600V for the 5V rail and 500A pulse and 80A sustained for the 12V rail. It will be able to respond and clamp transients in less than 1 nanosecond and fully shunt current in less than 0.2 milliseconds.


The CB-PC1 contains a custom crowbar circuit which is designed to destroy the power supply in the event of a failure condition in order to save the connected equipment. The trigger is configurable for a range of voltages and by default protects the 5V and 12V rails from voltage conditions of ATX + 5% + 0.7V. It can also operate and protect from negative voltages and AC waveforms.