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Torrent Appliances are Virtualbox VMs used for downloading and first processing of BitTorrents.


With a VM running on a server, torrents can be downloaded all the time without your workstation needing to be on all the time, saving power. The most important aspect is that if a Torrent is infected with a virus or malware, only the VM will be affected and can be easily restored. It helps with network security as the VMs can be firewalled off so that malware cannot spread to helpless Windows machines. They use a web interface which is available over VPN so they can be accessed remotely.


The torrent VMs run Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 amd64 and are deployed with 512MB to 1.5GB RAM and 50GB HDD space each. They run the Transmission BitTorrent client. You can interact with Transmission using a web interface that works exactly like a standard local torrent program. I have written a custom program so that when a torrent completes, it will automatically be scanned for viruses and malware using ClamAV. If the torrent passes, it will be moved to a network shared location where it can be downloaded. You will also be sent an email when the torrent completes this process.